Strong medications from my dermatologist were not helping a bothersome skin problem. Three days after taking Bob’s natural supplements my condition improved. Also, aches and pains I had for years disappeared. My energy level is way up!

~ Jami G. age 31, Texas


Amazing results! When my husband told me that dr. Morey would be coming over to see me on 3/01/04, I was upset because I felt so bad and was in so much pain I could hardly walk. I had severe pain in my face, neck hip and ankle. I had moderate pain shoulders, arms, elbows and hands. There was moderate pain in my legs, knees and ankles. I had no energy and did not feel like moving. I could not clean my house. I had eleven major complaints and was taking eleven medicines plus pain pills and using a tens unit, heating pads and ice bags. He treated me that day using neurotherapy, a negative ion generator and manual tens application, and told me I would have to start some natural medicines and change my eating habits. He treated me the second time and brought my medicines. I could walk much better and had a lot less pain. Each day since, I have felt much better and without pain pills. I am absolutely amazed at my progress.

~ Anna H. age 75, Albuquerque


I had – – a bunch of water weight. From 2002 to 2007 I was hitting the scales at 300 and I am only 5′ 7 I am down 55 pounds, and did it by taking a mixture of probiotic and turmeric and slippery elm. This mix kills the microbes and bacteria in our system that feeds on the carbohydrates. The excretion from those tiny critters is toxic to our body, a major irritant. Our body then retains fluids to protect it-self, but is really compounding the problem. Not only does naturopathic medicine help to lose the weight, but I feel ten times better.

~ KH, Rio Rancho, NM


Saved From the Surgeon – I was having pretty intense pain on my right side by my hip bone. I was walking hunched over and it hurt to even touch the area. I called Dr. Bob after being told by a paramedic friend that I needed to go to the hospital, it was probably appendicitis. Dr. Bob came over very quickly and checked me over and did determine it was appendicitis. He began treatment with various herbs, teas and naturopathic antibiotics and physical medicine to move out the infection on Wednesday. He stayed with me through the night and worked with me the next day as well. By morning I was starting to feel better and by day 3 (Friday) I felt fine. All indications of appendicitis were gone, and frankly I have never felt better than I do right now. Dr. Bob also helped me with my 2 small children as I was too tired to do much for them.

Thank you Dr. Bob for all that you do,

~ In Christ, Lisa Railey


Hi Dr K,

Seeing your book about healthy living at an office prompted me to write. I tried a program by a Naturopathic Doctor named Bob Morey. Not only have I lost 50 pounds, but it is staying off. If I get down another 30 poounds, I will be back to the weight when I graduated from high school. My last blood test for surgar, cholesterol, testosterone, thyroid, and liver are normal except for my good cholesterol could use a little improving.

Dr. Bob had me drink a mixture of his recipes of pro biotic, tumeric, and slippery elm. It is AMAZING how well these herbs work. In 1 week I lost 20 pounds then an additional 30 pounds over another four weeks. The taste is less than desirable, but it has helped me and many many others.

If you feel LED to do it, give him a call. 994-3325 I am certain he would enjoy talking with you.

~ KsH Rio Rancho NM


My son is 2 and half years old. For 2 years and 3 months he saw medical doctors for chronic severe constipation. He was put on every combination of laxatives you can think of, that lasted for 16 months. He was sent to a specialist who tried more laxatives, which did not help. His overall health was getting worse, and there was talk of surgery to remove part of his colon, attach it to his side, cut a hole where the colon was and attach a bag. Then after that all healed go back in and reattach the colon to the proper place. I was told it would take years to fix him, if they could even fix him. He also suffered from chronic ear infections (about 7 a year) and he was about to have tubes put in. He is immune to the 2 most common antibiotics because he has taken so many. He has sleeping issues and nightmares. He has other developmental issues on top of all this. One night I cried out to God to please take control of this situation, to heal Josh or show me where to go to help him. A few days later I found Dr. Bob on the internet, and truth be told, I did not think he could help, I didn’t think it would work at all. However I had to try for the sake of my son. Josh is doing so much better now. It is amazing (not to mention the changes in myself as well). I saw an immediate change when we changed our diet, and he started on Colon Tone. He takes several herbal powders now, and continues to improve. His attitude has changed. He has a BM by himself now (no surgery). He has not had an ear infection in 6 months. His sleeping is starting to improve. He has improved in dealing with public places, his aggression is less, his tantrums have improved, and everything is getting better. I am totally convinced that God lead us to Dr. Bob to heal my son. He still has a long road ahead, but for the first time in his life, he is headed uphill instead of consistently downhill.

~Lisa R., Rio Rancho NM


The Colon Tone that is created by Dr Morey was a big factor that helped give me back my health. Two years ago I was involved in a Scuba diving accident. As a result my eardrum had ruptured which caused great pain and distress. This marked the beginning of the end for healthcare, as I had known it.

For a year and a half I had visited 17 different doctors in four states and two countries. A helplessness surrounded me wherever I went. Because my ear was so damaged the doctors could not see what was really going on. Not even through a cat scan. The doctors that I had entrusted with my life were sending me in circles. They could do nothing but rely on what they knew. I was handed antibiotics and codeine. Unfortunately, these drugs did not help. They gave me temporary relief. I could only go for two days before I would have to take the antibiotics or my ear would rupture. I was very busy with my life and I could not tolerate the pain. Before I realized, I had formed a severe addiction. I ingested these drugs for 8 months without ever missing a day.

As time passed my immune system grew very weak. I was on a downward spiral. My body started forming other diseases that were foreign and unknown to me. My body was dying and I knew it. I decided to go to Santa Fe to heal myself but most importantly to get off the antibiotics. That is when the colon toner came into my life.

Bente Friend first introduced me to the Colon Toner. I was bed sick for three weeks. When I was sick I took the colon toner once a day. In time I noticed an extreme difference in my health. My stomach area felt lighter. I could actually notice my body ridding itself of toxic waste. After 8 months of antibiotics I had lot of toxins that had created a great amount of disease. The more my body rid the toxins the stronger I felt. I could actually notice my whole intestinal tract and colon tighten up. Within a week I was off the antibiotics and it was all uphill from there. The colon toner helped me regain the most valuable thing I have. My immune system. It not only helped me to build my strength but it helped to rebuild in such a way I had ever experienced. I had a 100 percent of my health. The last time I remembered feeling this healthy is when I was a child.

I took the colon toner for 6 weeks and I am proud to say I stayed off the antibiotics. I had surgery a few months later and still I did not need the antibiotics. My immune system turned out to be one of my greatest friends and I am eternally grateful for Dr. Morey’s Colon Toner.

~Anjelique Payne
Research and Marketing Developer
Zavtone Magazine


On Good Friday 2002 I was struck with a life changing illness. I woke up the next morning with severely swollen hands, extreme pain down my left arm, and feeling terrible! I didn’t know what to do but go to the urgent care for help. I found no help. They took blood and sent me home.

For the next year I suffered with constant pain in my hands and lower hack, irritable bowel with cramping and diarrhea, severe neck pain, tingling and numbness in my left arm, burning in my left calf, constant exhaustion, and loss of temporary memory, emotionally fragile, horrible periods with disruptive PMS, and a feeling of hopelessness.
I saw an Internist who thought I might have Lymphoma cancer because of the swollen lymph nodes behind my left ear. When all the testing showed nothing, he wanted to remove them. I chose not to go that route. Next I saw a Rheumatologist who diagnosis me as having Reactive Arthritis or inflammatory arthritis because of a gene I have. She medicated me. I saw a Neurologist who did an MRI on my neck and shoulders. The Neurologist found three bulging discs in my neck that was causing the problems with numbness and pain. He prescribed traction and if that was unsuccessful, surgery. After seeing another Rheumatologist, and ten months on Prednisone and prescription anti-inflammatory medication my condition was only getting worse. My knees became so inflamed that I was not able to sit, walk or sleep without pain or weakness. I felt like crying all the time, I was depressed, irritable and weak.

I wanted to be well. No one could tell me that I could be well; I only heard that I had a bad condition that could be managed with medication. I decided that that was not good enough and I would seek someone who could help me get well.

After seeing Dr. Morey, I am on the road to wellness for the first time in a year. I am off all prescription medications and have only taken ibuprofen twice in the last three month. My level of pain has been reduced by 95% and I have more energy than I have had in years. My hands are strong and pain free and my neck and arm is better than it has beer in 20 years. Every one of my symptoms has improved or is completely gone. I have health, hope and knowledge on how to manage my own health.

My husband said that he can’t remember me ever being so healthy and is amazed that I am feeling so good. He is now seeing Dr. Morey himself.

– Nanette Jurgensen


My name is Mary and I live in Palm Bay Florida have known Dr. Bob for 25 years. We gradually lost touch after I moved to Florida lived my life in the bottom of a bottle and using drugs. I will never forget the day an M.D. told me that my liver enzymes were extremely high, and if I did not quit drinking it would become cirrhosis. I struggled with that possibility for some time. The day I accepted Jesus into my life, He took the craving for alcohol away, but I continued making bad choices concerning my health. I drank so much diet soda and forgot that water was also made for drinking. I began to see so many M.D.’s and taking so many prescription meds that I knew I had to do something. I reached out to Dr. Bob and followed his advice. After taking my last CBC, my M.D. could not believe the results of my blood test. I told him about Dr. Bob and my M.D. said, I don’t know what he did but it has helped you. Today; April 27, 2012- I am off of blood pressure medication! I can see the light at the end of the tunnel is for the heart that holds on. I am so grateful to God, Dr. Bob and my new life style.

~ Sister in Christ, Mary


I consider myself a casual user of Breathe Easy. I mix it in my smoothie about 2 times a week. I usually take it when I’m drowsy, but don’t want to be. Unlike coffee, Breathe Easy gives me a mellow lift with a positive attitude in about 10 minutes. The boost last a lot longer than coffee and I never experienced any headache from not taking it like I do coffee. An added bonus I discovered and I really love this about Breathe Easy is taking it before a 10k road race. It gives me additional energy to go faster and my recovery time is much less. I really believe the testimonies in the newspaper article on the front page of this web site which as I understand it, is a primitive form of Breathe Easy used by a football team.

~ RC, New Mexico 2013


I just want to say thank you to Dr. Morey. He has solved so many health issues for me from anemia,ulcers, colon infection, cysts,anxiety…and I could go on. His knowledge and intuition he has is amazing and simple at the same time.–it’s something we don’t get from our MDs. Every time I see him I learn something new about how to better take care of myself and my family. He empowers me to be in control of my health and makes it easy to understand how my body works. Dr. Morey, you have been a God-send; and I will continue to tell my family, friends,and clients about you.

~ Love, Aubrey Snyder, age 29

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